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XVI Vispārējie dziesmu un deju svētki ASV

Grand Rapids, Michigan

July 1-5, 2026

Our Mission

To create a vibrant cultural experience by hosting a Song and Dance Festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan, inviting both Latvians and local community members to come together in celebration.

About the Festival

The XVI Latvian Song and Dance Festival organization will host the festival in Grand Rapids Michigan in July of 2026. The festival expects about 5,000 guests and participants at the 5 day event, which covers song, dance, social gatherings, art, and various other cultural events showcasing our Latvian traditions.


The festival will utilize the Amway Grand as the main hotel and performance venues in the Grand Rapids downtown area to host the main choir and dance events.


We anticipate guests from across the United States, as well as from Latvia, to enrich our performances and attendees. The main choir will consist of approximately 500 singers, while the dance troop count is expected to be near 750 dancers. A special spiritual choir performance is planned in one of Grand Rapids' oldest churches, as well as a theater performance of an as yet to be written play. Art exhibits, balls, fraternity, and sorority gatherings will be planned, and old friends will renew relationships from years past over a glass of wine and a meal.


We hope to incorporate other Baltic nation participants in our parade and dance events to showcase the diversity, cultural strength and nationality of the Baltic region, and particularly in support of Ukraine against the unlawful aggression of Russia.

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Mūsu balsis dejo pāri jūrām

Sponsors and Partners

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